Welcome to MCX International

Corporate Culture


Our Desire is to Excel.


At MCX, we value Performance. This is our commitment to our customers. High standards . . . driven by intense desire to deliver quality products and services.


INTELLIGENCE. We will continuously learn to build expertise. To develop technical competence in our chosen field.
PASSION. We are excited always to work and to communicate. We are willing to share our thoughts and energy for our common good.
INITIATIVE. We take action based on intelligent analysis of the situation. We ensure that we are consistently doing the right things while making things happen.
INTEGRITY. We say and honor our commitments. We act on what we promise.
PERSEVERANCE. We accept the challenges before us. We respond accordingly; we pursue and endure. We do not easily give up. We bounce back when we fall.
MATURITY. We are confident of ourselves. We can withstand heat and pressure


Values application:


• Be an expert.
• Work with excitement.
• Make things happen.
• Act on your promise.
• Respond to challenges.
• Confident in midst of criticism


Guiding Principles


• Quality is first. Affordability is second.
• Do not badmouth or say negative things about the company and its people whether you are connected or no longer connected with the company
• Treat and respect the company and consider it your family
• Think long term solution, not short term answer
• Respect the local culture in case you are assigned abroad as you are the company’s ambassador to these places
• Think first for the company, then for others and lastly for personal gains
• There should be no taking of shortcut of established system and procedure
• Never lose sight of the goal. Begin with the end in mind.


♦ Quality first. Affordability second.
  (Never compromise quality).
♦ Keep sight of the company objectives. Begin with the end in mind.
  (Never lose sight of your objectives).
♦ Respect the company, the individual and the culture of other countries. (Do not badmouth or say negative things about them)
♦ Think first for the company, then for others and then for personal gains.
  (Do not be selfish)
♦ Commit to established systems and procedures.
  (No taking of shortcuts).
♦ Take pride in your company, in your work and in your product.
  (Patronize your own company and products).